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The MLK Living Memorial Project is centered around the first permanent memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chicago. It is comprised of a series of initiatives and events that commemorate the 50th anniversary of King’s presence in Chicago’s Marquette Park in 1966, and the communities and institutions across the City that have been organizing and striving for justice, peace, and a dignified quality of life ever since.

IMAN Takin it to the Streets Festival Summit 2016

Takin’ it to the Streets 2016 will commemorate King’s legacy in Marquette Park, August 6, using the power of art, activism and relationship-building to re-imagine our city & world.

1000 Mile Journey Media

On the morning of Saturday, August 6, 2016, The 1000 Mile March will re-create a portion of King’s historic 1966 march into Marquette Park. Join this 700+ strong assembly as it marches for peace, justice, hope, and reconciliation and reflects the diversity of Chicago’s myriad communities.